Thursday, October 17, 2013

September 30, 2013 (Week 59)

September 30, 2013

This week nothing super cool happened. We took a pday off from the mountains, only to go back (in normal clothes) the next week. As for the clothes, ZL Larsen: "Oh no, we will go as missionaries. It's pretty easy. All we have to do is go in a taxi..." yeah... hahaha.

We had some pretty decent success today. They had baptized 6 in this area in about 9 months, and we have a family of 4 this Sunday. Ruben, Rosa, Ruben hijo [Jr], y Yamilet. They are cool and always want us to eat with them hahaha. Super col experiences with him. Started off with draining his last beer to a prayer in the baptismal room. Now they have a date for domingo and a date at the temple in a year :) We are so stoked. It's been super cool to see the changes in them.

We had conferencia para lideres de la mision [Leader Conference], so I got to see everyone from the MTC group but Elder Bixler. He had to stay... That sucked. it was long. We woke up at 4, took a bus to Veracruz, listened from 10 to 630 to different people, ate L
ittle Ceasers, (that's right, they just put one here) haha crazy bread! 108 pesos for pizza and bread! and then took a bus home. Stupid thing didn't leave till 8:40, and we were on the bus thanks to the school teachers (blocking the highways) and watched Bear Grills on the TV and listened to the bus driver cuss and mutter under his breath as we took detour after detour. Got home at 1:30. That was sure a long day... cool to see everyone though! I was pretty stoked. Only missing Elder Bixler for the next one! 

Other than that, I shared some scriptures with a possible investigator, Kalima. By the end of the sacrament meeting she loved the scriptures so much she was telling everyone she's gonna get baptized and hugs all around. Not from us, of course. hahah. Pretty freaking chill haha. I was super stoked. We just gotta keep putting up dates for the next weeks or we are gonna be sad when the 2 weeks of success is over... haha.

Well, I think that's all folks,

nesnetroM redlE

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