Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21, 2013 (Week 62)

October 21, 2013

Well.. freak. We had zone conferences this week. Pretty cool. President talked, I played the piano, (such a blessing by the way, thanks mom. I've been able to play at funerals, conferences, and Sundays.) We had a small snack and sat down and the President tells us, "Elder Mortensen, come up here please"... umm... gulp. haha. "and your companion too". "Ok". He had us explain how our weekend went. We explained the situation and the baptisms, and he then congratulated us in front of 2 zones and said, "what they did is a perfect example of what hard work and faith does." We were shocked. It was so cool. I felt really undeserving of the attention. I didn't want it, but still it felt good to know that your president knows you and is proud of you. He's a good guy. He actually said "I was following this story pretty closely. Since about week one he had been following the family and progressing to baptism intently, which means a lot because he has 200 missionaries to take care of. All in all, a really cool moment.
As for the Familia Huerta y Maria, it's crazy cool with them. We had another family home evening in the house of the Huertas, and and I've never felt the spirit more than I did then in a wood shack, with 12 Mexicans around me. It's amazing what the mission will do to you. People always ask me if I miss home. I tell 'em "why do you ask me that? What's to miss?" I'm still here. It's a pretty cool change... This week has been one of the most spiritual weeks of my life. I have no clue why. For anyone that reads this, member or not, I hope these words get to you. I can't deny the spirit I've felt. I can't deny it nor would I want to. It's brought me to my knees at night. We teach el Evangelio de Jesucristo, and its all about the saving ordinances of the church. If I ever think of leaving the church, slap me with these words because right now I can't believe how people can be so blind. It's really cool to see peoples faces when they actually get it. When the lessons with people are guided by the spirit, you can tell. We have had miracles this week. People say miracles don't exist, I laugh. I've seen them. Maria is a miracle. Man, I wish I could write for 50 minutes about her conversion. I might save that for this next week. It's incredible the miracles that she has seen and felt. I know that this family is meant for the temple. The hand of God is SO visible in this woman's life. Man, I'll write it all next week. PRAY really hard that her husband lets her get baptized and that God shows his hand once more. I know he will, it's just gonna take one more miracle, haha! 
We are teaching the 1st counselor's sister. Se llama [named] Laura. Her daughter too. She was progressing really slowly, but now really fast. They come from a very TJ (testigos de JEHOVA) [Jehovah's Witnesses] background, and her mom still is, but she has a testimony of the Book of Mormon, and her daughter doesn't really yet, but trusts her mom and is gonna take the step of faith and get baptized with her mom 2 de Noviembre [November 2nd]. No me digas [don't tell me]. We have had some crazy experiences... I seriously feel like I passed the test of Tierra Blanca and endure these things well.. You'll be blessed. I feel like this is the blessing and I never want it to stop. If Ruben doesn't drink we are looking at 8 this change [transfer] and 2 to start off the next one.
Man, it's incredible...
Adios. Elder Mortensen
Oh, one good laugh. We got some directions this week that went something like this: "Soo... you're gonna take a left, go three blocks, take a right, and go straight until there is a little street. Pass it, and then go up the hill. Go straight, and to the right, you'll see a tree.
"Oh. I'll see a tree? That's unique."

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