Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14, 2014 (Week 100)

July 14, 2014

Week 100. Man. That ain't cool!

Time sure flies doesn't it? wow...

Well, not sure what to say. My mind is really busy right now, and I can't think of much, and it doesn't help I'll be seeing you guys soon haha. I'm only thinking, "why am I writing! I'll just tell them face to face here soon".. haha. but yeah. Highlights of the week, we found 2 familias! I'm sooo stoked. They didn't come Sunday but I have faith. I'd love to end the mission baptizing a family. or 2. or 3.... that'd be cool too :) anyways, we helped an inactive lady come back to church, by helping her move. Oh my goodness... her parents died 8 years ago and for 8 years she's collected everything. She's 24 and lives alone. No wonder she's inactive. She didn't even know where her scriptures were or have a place to kneel. The mission made me really appreciate a clean house and having few possessions. It's nicer that way. But yeah, she's a hoarder. It was bad. Lots of persuading haha. Thanks mom for teaching me so well :)

ARACELY GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!! She was sooooo happy. ay caray. I was so happy for her, to be completely honest. She's one of the best I've met or had the chance to teach. Sooo ready for the gospel, and immediately everyone noticed a huge change in her. She knew very well this was the only true church and even before she met us knew God had answered her prayers. May God bless her always. She's a miracle for me and an amazing example of endurance and faith. That's the thing. Usually the people I teach, teach me more than I teach them.... I'm so happy. We should start baptizing every week now. Finally got some seeds planted and growing! But even if I only baptized Aracely everything I've suffered or gone through would have been worth it. Man.... the joy you feel sometimes. I'm so stoked Garrrett is going out on the mission. You're not gonna regret it at all... everything just starts to make sense! We've been teaching and working, and I'm trying to help Elder Winsor to not stress out so much and just to be happy! There is a lot in life to be happy about. He's got fears of rejection, so now that we know the problem, I'm able to help. Thanks for all your advice, I really need it. It's like teaching a kid. Me and Elder Cerna were already a good compaƱerismo but I'm really actually training Elder Winsor. It's really like being a papa haha.

Oh yeah, Elder Cerna came down to Tuxtepec. He's now in my district. hahah. That's a cool blessing. I now have Jacob and Joseph, my two children born in the wilderness hahahaha or Nefi and Laman, Elder Winsor being Nefi and Elder Cerna being Laman, the cursed one with dark skin with a hatred for his brother hahahaha. Not true, but a funny way to look at it. We did divisions Sunday at night so I had my 2 kids with me. Pretty funny stuff!

Love you all. Working hard to come home honorably! And to be honest, if I can't finish this off good, why would God ever trust me again? I've gotta prove myself worthy of completing tasks to the 100% if I am to gain his trust. and after this life, the happiest people in the Spirit World are the ones who love to preach the gospel. Gotta develop that love a little bit more :) I see a few missions later on in my life, not sure why, but I just feel like I'll be blessed in that way.



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