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June 23, 2014 (Week 97)

June 23, 2014

Do chickens have large talons?...
Well, looks like i lost my checkbook, guess ill have to pay ya in change. - Napoleon Dynamite

Hahaha such a great classic. I felt like Napoleon Dynamite when I caught my chicken. They are gonna let me cut the head of one pretty soon here. Stay tuned for the foto hahaha. 

And I couldn't stop laughing at that quote from Shrek [Blue flower, red thorns. Blue flower, red thorns. Blue flower, red thorns. Man, this would be so much easier if I wasn't COLOR-BLIND! -- Donkey]. that show never gets old.

And the "salsa that bites" is great stuff. ay ay ay pica pica me pica! Poor guy. He's never tried Mexican salsa. He has no idea. By the way, I did the same thing Elder Castañeda did to me and Elder Boyd. Here, here's a chilpaya, they are small, y no pica [not hot] hahahaha. He ate it. Classic! I can't believe I got that chance haha. 

This week was pretty hard for us. We worked our butts off. Well, I'm working my gut off. Never really did have a butt to work off. But a gut sí. I'm relief society power walkin this little guy off little by little. You should try it dad!

But yeah. Nobody was home, or didn't WANT to be home. That sucked. We couldn't see like 4 families this week. Frustrating, and a lot of walking to try again at later hours. Time to pull out the bible stories of the hidden treasure and the pearl of great price. They need to focus on the important things, and not so much the worldly commitments and things they have goin on.

Aracely is still going super strong, even though her life and family is still a mess. Her kids don't want to go to church for the "rules" but she says, because we didn't FOLLOW the rules, We are where and how we are! I'm so glad she gets it. The bishop almost "killed" [made them disinterested] like 3 of our investigators. Man. Sharing long boring bible stories or warning people they need to change doesn't strike much motivation to go to church. Not gonna be workin with him much more... that's always frustrating...  Beside that we found a few others who are really great. One of the which I think the bishop warned too bluntly. "I KNOW you've got sins. They are these these and these, and you need to REPENT, I'm always in my office at 5. You can come talk." OH BOY THAT'S GREAT! We had 5 in church this week, a few people are really progressing. That makes me happy.

I don't know what else to say. Elder Winsor went through culture shock this week when he tried to buy with pesos. The internet and shopping threw him over. Man. I had to teach all the lessons until Friday when I told him that I need my compañero. The spirit isn't present when there is only one person talking. We are working together so he talks more in the lessons, because the load is too big for one. I don't like teaching by myself anyway. Doesn't leave me time to listen or process or listen to the spirit. But now he's still pretty quiet, but knows what I want when I look at him in the lessons haha. Before he looked at me and said in English. "Wait, you want me to speak?" haha. uhhh yeah. He's sharing his testimony now. He needs to know he speaks better than he thinks. He just took to heart all the comments on how he doesn't speak much and now he doesn't talk. Ay ay. It's actually hard training an Americano. 

Mexico is playin right now in el mundial (World Cup) nobody listens to us when the World Cup is on haha. Quite the frustration and temptation! Gotta keep workin'.

Love you all. not much else to say. Going to Veracruz to say bye to presidente this week. That's too bad. Gonna miss la familia Treviño...

Elder Mortensen

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