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June 30, 2014 (Week 98)

June 30, 2014

"Well... yeah.  I testify to the truthfulness of my companions words. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen." Elder Winsor

Ok, well we are gonna keep talking about repentance, open your books to page..." - Me hahaha.

He always used to end every testimony in the name of Jesus Christ. It was funny. I didn't want to make him feel bad, so I told him just a few days ago. We all have our quirks when we start off, haha.

Well... I had one of the most interesting days of my mission Thursday. Can't give out all the details yet, but soon, The parts I can tell you is that we went to Veracruz to say bye to Presidente, That was weird. Adios Familia Treviño! I was gonna miss them until I found out that once he goes, he takes his rules with him. So Monday, before the new president puts out any rules, we are gonna play futbol and drink lots of coca cola, hahaha.

Another part was we saw the "death" videos of everyone going home in July. Man, I have like 2 friends left here.... everyone is leaving me! That's probably the worst part about dying. It kills me to write all my friends that have passed through to the other side of the veil haha...

I got a letter from Maria's family. Man. I was sooooo stoked. I got to call her on the sister misioneras phone for a few minutes :)

I saw Elder Cerna for the first time in 6 months. That was cool. Hijo Chamako Primogenito mio! [My firstborn kid] Ven pa aca! haha. My two hijos [Juniors]! Speaking of hijos, they met their grandfather, Elder Castañeda. He was at the temple working on it. That was interesting.... First time I've seen him in 18 months... I had to stay after for a while so I said bye to everyone and me and Elder Boyd and our two sons took off to Reforma. Boyd was in Laguna, the other side of Magisterio, so we went with converts to go eat. Naturally, I went with Aracely. Boy, was she surprised and happy to see me! That makes me feel good haha. We ate, and hung out for a little bit. Then she gave me a Mexico Jersey her husband bought for 60% or more off in the black market hahaha. that was soo cool of her, and Elder Winsor got to actually see what he only dreamed of seeing, but better than fotos. He got to go in to her house to take pictures [Huge Star Wars collection]. I really think that helped him a lot to get used to things here. Just a touch of normality was good for him. He loved it. I had fun haha. We took off and went to the Temple again to wait in the stake center to talk with a few people. Elder Castañeda ended work, and came over and we talked for quite a bit. That was interesting! but it was cool. He's pretty chill now.

We 8 went to the offices, me, Elder Boyd, and 2 other compañerismos to sleep the night. We had Little Caesers. Friday we woke up and finally got back to Tuxtepec at 12:30. 32 hour round trip. Man, long day. Got back worked, and worked, and worked some more. Ate tacos Saturday and drank a Mountain Dew to help get rid of the headache, but to no avail. Saturday night I didn't sleep much, and Sunday morning I woke up with the worst migraine of my life. I couldn't hardly move without it killing me. Got to church, stayed there for an hour, nothin. Got a shot, nothin. Even worse. I almost passed out actually... Pounding in my head... ay ay ay... after trying without success to sleep, I had to go to some clinic, another shot and a few pills. 5 hours later it took affect, and here I am, slight headache, taking pills, but here. They had to do a blood analysis, thought I might have typhoid or Salmonelosis. whew. quite the scare. I don't have anything but a nasty stomach infection. hmm. Cool beans. Sheesh. I know I have never been in prison like Paul or Peter, or never suffered like Aaron and his brothers, but that truth has not gone away. If you work hard, the Lord is gonna test you. So many trials and problems. I've never gotten so sick in all my life, and never so often... wow. Well, I'm a little better now. Just real grateful I don't have anything too bad.

Aracely is still going super strong! She's just waiting for her baptism. Man, that makes me happy :)

And Dad, I never did say anything for Fathers Day, I didn't even realize it was until people started telling me Monday and Tuesday they went to fiestas instead of church that I found out! Now it's a few weeks late, but still. Feliz Día del Padre! I've learned so much from you in these 21 years I've had, and I wouldn't trade your counsels or advice for anything, Even though everything helpful you've ever told me has always been "8 minutes later" I still appreciate it. You've been my model, and I'm happy to be a fraction of the man you are. Thank you for your example and for your time. I'm glad God gave me the chance to be born in your family.

Love, your son,


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