Sunday, March 3, 2013

February 18, 2013 (Week 27)

February 18, 2013

"Boston. ARGUABLY the best band ever. ARGUABLY...." - Jon Carter, D.J. 103.5

Good times. I haven't heard them in 6 months. Too bad. Or Journey
Not too much to talk about today, I'm sorry. It's been a boring week. I got a new hammock hooks thanks to the owner, but the worker put my hooks 2 meters in the air. About 6.5 feet. If I fall, I'm screweeeeeeed. I put my bed under but I've still got 4.5 feet to drop! Lets just say I sleep carefully haha! It's so nice and cool. Glad I don't have any cords or broom handles to break and wake up 3 feet lower in .2 seconds with a bruised elbow and coccyx! haha (Napoleon Dynamite: Your Grandma went playin out with some friends and ended up breakin her coccyx!") hahaha But yeah, it's nicer than the dumb beds we get. as for the mission...

The changes are in. I'm at 6 months, and I'm with Elder Westhoff again. I'm going to be his longest-had companion in his 14 months. He has more comps and special changes than months. So we are here in the city without families for another 6 weeks. We want to change this area though. It'll be super hard, but we want to feel good about our work before we leave. I'll start saying to the President about wanting to leave the city before the next changes. All these buildings are getting me depressed. Which is true, I miss the outdoors. I'd just like to take my life out of the port for a little bit. But we will work for 6 more weeks. Hoping for 8 baptisms. That would shatter everyone's record for years. This area has had lazy elders for the past 12 months. People are starting to see that we are working. The other elders just re-baptized people that lost their records and counted them. I guess we will find out how happy they are with their 'converts' up in heaven. I don't like it when people brag about those baptisms. Not like I like it at all. I don't know Elder Westhoff's number and after this change I'll have been here long enough if people can't figure it out, and they won't ever know. I feel like it's something sacred.

Thanks for the advice and the stories about your mission, dad. I appreciate those because I've been lacking people to look up to in the mission. I've never really seen a good example of a missionary that I know I'd be happy with. But we will see where things take me. I think we are a lot alike with the memories. I'd rather have those than anything else. Because who's really going to remember the times when they are nothing but "should haves" and regrets? Hey, by the way, read President Uchtdorfs talk on regrets and resolutions. I read it and wished I would have spent more Friday nights at home watching movies with you and the hermanos. But the times I do remember I loved.

well.. I spent too much time on fotos hoy. Not like it was important. I'd just ramble anyways and fotos are cooler. haha so... for that note. I'll sign off.

Well. I'm out. cuidense. son mi familia y nos vemos. El Elder Mortensen

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