Thursday, March 28, 2013

March 11, 2013 (Week 30)

March 11, 2013

Tina. Eat the food. Tina! Eat the FOOD. EAT THE FOOD Tina!  -- Napoleon Dynamite

Man. I feel like Tina on the mission. People just bring out plates of meat, beans, and other things. Then when you say "no", they are like "well was it not good?" You say "no it was great, but I'm full." Then they say "oh, el elder no le gustó".... then you have to eat the food, Tina. ugh. I'm gaining weight. They could realllllly use an oven. Or some variation. The food here is great, it's just that they cook the easiest things over and over, breakfast lunch and dinner. I don't know how they don't die... hahaha but no, they just keep their dishes in the oven. Everything on stove top here. Yum, yum. Esperanza, is also a chef. Really. For her work. She made us a meal of fried potato chunks on bottom, shredded lettuce, cream, limon, and pulled chicken. So huge, so good. I would love a nice salad! or steak. Ooh man. Call Texas Roadhouse. Tell em I'll be waiting.

As for this week, Trinidad smoked. Then she got really offensive. like attacking the fact that all the 3 and 8 witnesses are the same family. She already knows it's true. I don't know why she was doing it. Her and her smoking daughter were justifying smoking with the thoughts that the more you know the more God can condemn you. We were like what the the gale just happened.... but no. she's back on track. We gave the word of wisdom and baptism a break, but we will hit it hard tomorrow. She needs to stop if she wants to get baptized. but yeah. Shes pretty cool still. hahah

We have a pet frog. Of all the creatures that run around our house, like the 10 inch rat out back, or the ants that swarm randomly out of all of the walls to eat crumbs, literally like 4000 of em sometimes, and they bite un buen. But no, of the leeches in the bathroom, the constant mosquitoes, the ants, and cockroaches,.. a frog crawled out of the drain. He just chills in our bathroom now.  He's pretty cool. Can't get mad at me for having a pet if I didn't bring it in hahahahah.

Stake Conference was cool. It was broadcast from SLC to 55 stakes in Mexico. the YW general president spoke, some guy from the Presidencia de los 70 and Elder Bednar and Richard G. Scott. Elder Bednar was translated, but gave a good talk on the atonement, and repentance, then Elder Scott came in, and I was about to sleep, but then he pulls out Spanish. Pretty good speaker of the language. Gave a really good talk on the sanctidad de la mujer. Talked about how they should act, dress, compose, and basically how they should be. He talked about how men should treat their wives, and among other things. He planched with love. Actually a good talk.

As for the final paragraph, I have a laugh. Our new name for ourselves, es los cruzados. We go on crusades against things we don't like. One, and the most recognizable battle we won as cruzados, es la coca. The bishop started preaching apostasy, and how we couldn't have Coke in the church, especially the elders, and how its bad. We started the crusade. Houses would ask us if we wanted coke, then would remember that we couldn't drink it. We said noo..... we want it, we can drink it. it Doesn't even have caffeine down here. It's about as harmful as rootbeer. Anyways, everyone in the ward knows we want coke, and we can drink it. We personally drank 3 Liters at the bishops house hahahaha. but... we shot ourselves in the foot. Everyone offers us coke now. We smile and go along with the joke, but we drown inside, well literally drowning of coke. but, for the sake of the crusade, we wont back down. hahaha algo para reirse! les quiero. nos vemos el lunes que viene. fijanse, mayo ya viene, otra vez Skypeamos! Que el Señor les bendiga.

Elder Mortensen.

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