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March 18, 2013 (Week 31)

March 18, 2013

Anyways. En el mar, la vida es mas sabrosa... En el mar, te quiero mucho mas. Con el sol, la luna y las estrellas, en el mar, todo es felicidad! Ey! [at sea, life is more tasty ... at sea, I love you more. with the sun, moon and stars, in the sea, all is bliss! ey!]

I have no clue why that song popped in my head. Our taxi guy in the ward taught us it when we went to Costco and I bought 6 lbs of peaunut butter... Elder Westhoff bought the same. haha best 20 bucks I've ever spent.

By the way, if you'd like to get a few questions about the life here, I'd be happy to answer. I'm struggling for words. Just don't do gospel topics. I don't have time to go into detail. but like por ejemplo [for example]...

Elder. Is it hot down there?
Reply. Why yes. its 98 degrees in march. Thanks for asking.

Elder. Do you love cockroaches running around?
Reply. How did you know? por supuesto! [of course!]

cosas así [stuff]. haha.

wow... I'm so brain fried. What in the gale is wrong with me..

ANYWAYS. On to the list. We met a guy illegally tracting. Old guy, wouldn't let us in, Because he was caring for his sick wife. We asked to help, and he really liked that, so he let us in. Told us the second visit he lied, and she died 3 months ago. He's the funniest old guy though. Started talking about what he would do with his army weapons if someone broke in. He's like 70 haha. Of the suprising things he said, he served in the army in Acapulco. He also said he was the leader of the KKK there... he said the blacks would steal your rings and chains so he'd get half drunk and go beat em all up. The bar owners knew him personally and wouldn't let him drink for that reason. We were half incredulous half dying of laughter when he acted out some faces. Too funny. Great guy though. He's searching for the truth, but he knows his 5 person congregation isn't it. Hope we can get him baptized. He'd be great. Epolito is his name. Great guy. I hope he passes the baptismal interview questions if he gets there. He might of killed someone come to think about it....

Shrinks need shrinks. We've been teaching a guy who speaks fluent english, and a friend of his is in our ward and his class. Her mom is a professional shrink. Good people though. I just realized I'm more sane than the people that make people sane. It's a horrible cycle to get caught in. Can't whine. Her son got back from Mexico off his mission and him and his sister and mom were the only ones out of the ward to go to the Baptism of Trinidad. He's cool. Really good teacher. The mission was his zone. People guy.

Speaking of Trinidad. She got baptized. Her daughter came and wants to listen more. Super chill. Her and the family that let us use their house, the same family we cut the mango tree for. The dad baptized. Convert of one year, never done it. Well the boilers don't work too well down here, so the water is pretty cold. Her and el hermano Arturo got in the water and were all smiles and laughing because of how cold it was. The hermana took a break before getting all the way in. They were both freezing, but had to do it again because her elbow came up. They did it again, and both were immediately warm. She said, "well what do you know? The water just got really warm." Super funny, but they are both funny, so I guess that's how they feel the spirit. It was really strong. She told us after her interview that she hadn't been smoking for a week before. She wanted to do it by herself, so she never told us. Que necios somos [We are fools]!!! She's amazing. Loves the church, the feeling she has, and the fact that she's clean from her past. She told us that her step mom beat her for wetting the bed when she was 6 so she ran away. She eventually went back until 20, and then went back again to care for her abusive stepmother when she passed away and even forgave her. She's incredible. Pure gold. I love putting in work for the peeps. It makes it that much sweeter when a person like her with habits and stuff just come out clean and love Jesus more than anything.

As for other miracles, we've been wanting to find a family. So we did how the servant did in Genesis 24. He told God specifically where he would be, and what the woman that was going to marry Isaac would say. So we fasted, and put it to the test. We went back knocking this huge street, REVILLAGIGEDO, and knocked the whole dang thing. We went back for this Catholic guy that told us off. Had a 30 minute conversation in English with him, got only a few steps. Didn't want much. but then his 16 year old son comes flying out and tells us he wants to know more and asked for a book. It was crazy. We think we found the family to help the ward. Gotta get 'em baptized. Real educated, and strong in their beliefs. they'd be amazing for the ward. After that, we went to the DL house to get mail. I got the ensign, and a letter from Dan. Going on a mission. Call should be here soon. I almost broke down when I read it. I've been hoping he'd go since I put in my papers. I'm still hoping the rest of my friends will ask and find out if they should go. They really don't know what they are missing. So if anyone reads this, the mission is great. Super hard, but you find out a lot about yourself, and about how your life fits in with Gods. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else on Friday nights... It;s crazy. Especially for me.. La iglesia es verdadera, El Libro de Mormon es perfecto, sin ninguna sola duda en mi corazon. Yo sé que Dios me ama. y les ama tambien. Así Es. Nos Vemos. [the church is true, the book of mormon is perfect, without any single doubt in my heart. I know God loves me. and loves them too]

Elder Mortensen.

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