Monday, March 4, 2013

March 4, 2013 (Week 29)

March 4, 2013

Making Raisin Pie!
 I'm glad everyone laughed at my pain and sufferings last week, nah no es cierto. I loved the story. Already got it written en El Libro de Conner. Great one.
So as for priesthood blessings, I've seen miracles. Really. We have been teaching this lady Trinidad, just a contact (we aren't supposed to contact, but look at what we found. She's our best investigator. Dumb rule really. Nobody gives us a reference here... even with the inspired system of getting them the mission has..) Anyways, we start teaching her. We had a feeling that she smoked, but never knew, and wanted to wait until after she went to church once. She went, liked it, and accepted baptism to be a good example to her struggling daughters and granddaughters, but she smokes 2 boxes a day and drinks coffee religiously. She failed the first day we taught it to her, but when I went on divisions, and Elder Westhoff and another comp gave her a blessing. Shes been over 5 days without smoking or drinking. She just doesn't want to. Dios primero, she always says. It's crazy. This compared to Elder Nelson, my district leader, telling some lady she can't, because she can't smoke. She just can't. Then he will be at the gas station watching her. He's an idiot. You gotta put their trust in the Lord, not bully her. That's a big problem here. But anyways, she slept in this Sunday because she had to take care of a neighbor until 6 am, but she's going to get baptized this Sunday. So stoked for her. She's made some huge changes even though her entire family, daughters, everyone, was laughing and making fun of her at first. It's incredible to see the change in these people. I think that's really where the true joy comes in on the mission. The sad part is, a lot of elders don't go through the Lord on their conversion process, so I doubt they feel the same joy. It's crazy though, the way you feel.

I don't have a whole lot to tell you, but just that it's crazy. I don't know. I missed home a little, but now not really at all. I don't know what happened over these 6 months, but I can start to feel why people don't want to go home. I'll still come home though. I miss carpet and Mountain Dew and my familia too. Can't forget you guys :) haha. Love ya all. Cuidense.
Think he's pleased with the pie???

El Mejor Misionero que tienen a este momento, El Elder Mortensen.

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