Thursday, March 28, 2013

March 25, 2013 (Week 32)

March 25, 2013

Well, I found some real interesting and deep doctrine in the bible this week...
Luke 14:20 talks about the parable of the great supper. Verse 20 says:

And another said, I have married a wife, and therefore I cannot come.

Read the whole parable, but that just doctrinalized my theory of not getting married a month after the mission. I have a wife, so I cannot come. Talk about being junior compañero all your life... jajajaja doctrina... chistoso [funny].

Anyways. not a whole lot happened this week. Hotter than gale here, I'm using my namebadge as a squeegee for my forehead... Pretty freaking hot, but a norte just came in. Blows dirt in your face and almost blows you over, but its better than the suraida. south wind that comes in may and cooks every living creature. woo!
I bought a hair clipper at walmart. Westhoff talked me into it. 400 pesos! haha I cut my own hair. Turned out like a buzz cut but it's cooler and better looking than a 40 peso haircut here. But 2 days after,  during planning he says:
"you missed a spot."
"perdon? "
"you missed a spot..."  
"the back. It's a huge chunk."
"no manches. Cut it! Now! How long have you known?!"
"yesterday... I forgot to tell you."
"well shoot...."

As for me and the comp, it's getting a little old. You can only literally be with yourself for so long before the jokes are like a broken record.. Like Elder Westhoff said yesterday, in this compañerismo, there are too many chiefs and not enough Indians...


We lost close to all of our investigators, and man, this area is tough. The bishop called us Sunday at 8:00 to tell us to prepare talks, so we did. 20 minute talks to help the ward. We get there, and the bishop cuts Elder Westhoff due to time, and gave me 2 minutes. He said "tienes, two minutes". Like I don't understand Spanish. So I got up there and tried to do my best to compress 20 minutes into 2, and made me look like a fool. I shot off a few disapproving looks after I sat down. Dumb chump tries to humiliate us a lot. The Ward Mission Leader won't give us references because he says they are part of the zetas [law enforcement??] and that they have huge problems! We are like "yeah... we are missionaries. It's our job to help them fix those problems".. He says "No. way too scary." This ward doesn't want us for some reason. We feel like we just pushed over a rock to get it rolling and it was centered on an anthill and now we are getting bit all over. Angry buggers liked their ward the way it was before.

Ugh. Who knows. Transfers this week.. Let's hope for getting out of the port haha! But anyways, we have fun with drunk guys. They try and break our doctrine, but they can't keep from peeing their pants or stand up straight. All of the neighbors laughed at our run in with the neighborhood drunk. Think we might have won over a few people. We bashed a titch with him and were calmly yelling our doctrine at him with our heads raised up to the second story where some ignorant Testigos de Jehova live. hahaha. Some people. Too much fun. As for that, I close this epistle.

Cacique [Chief] Mortensen.

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