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July 1, 2013 (Week 46)

July 1, 2013

Well.. I'm here. In Tierra Blanca, my comp is from Iowa and speaks with a heavy farmers accent, haha. He's good. Real obedient. But he's good. We live in a small house, but it has clima :) consuelo se llama [climate control] haha. We have a guard dog too. She's a German Shepherd. There are 8 elders in my district, we have a pretty big zone. Extends for miles, but we hardly ever go out there. Too far. We are all stationed in Tierra Blanca centro, but then we go out from there. I'll see if I can find a foto. It's pretty dang hot here. If I haven't mentioned that haha. I sleep in a glorified drawer. I have about a foot of space until Elder Bairs bed. I hit my head 3 times a night. Supposedly there is money coming for a new one... haven't seen it! haha.
Tierra Blanca grew big from the railroad, but the government privatized it, and that company got rid of everyone, so now, it's just left here. Not too much work. People travel to Veracruz and other states to work, and see their familias every other weekend or so. Pretty crazy what people have to do to feed their familia.
So I started doing entrevistas [interviews]. They are pretty cool. But sometimes a litttttle different. A woman I did an enterview with is a re baptism, lost her membership record, so they had to do it again, but she had a life off the straight and narrow, had to call president, took an hour and a half. But it's super cool The spirit is right there with you. Pretty interesting. Done a few enterviews now. Starting to get a little better.
As for the mission, it's cool. The stake president is pretty stupid and is one of those if-it's-not-my-idea,-it's-nobody's-idea type of guys. Pretty insane how things are down here. The only thing that's been going through my mind:
If common sense is so common, why is there so little of it?
Hasta allĂ­. [as far as that]?? 
I feel like you, dad. Sometimes I just wanna get up in a meeting, throw over the table and walk out. They don't think much. Oh well. Like I said, there's always people that make it super dificil [difficult] to do anything and it sucks cause your main job is your investigators. The main purpose of the church is missionary work. People don't realize that too much.
Me and Elder Dean, other elder, went out to a pueblito [village] about 1.5 hours away for an enterview. This kid was 9 years old, and his family just moved here. They live in a tiny wood shack, dirt floors, and a bathroom of 4 sticks and a sheet. It's kind of crazy how much your eyes get opened... They are some of the most humble and nicest people I ever met. Really is true.
Well. I can't think of anything else. The Book of Mormon is true, Mexican people are freaking sick, and I love the mission. It's the best job you can have. Maybe that's what you need dad, just quit work and do a service mission with mom. Westhoff's parents are out on an Indian ranch in Arizona or something helping people. Maybe... hahaha. 
By the way, The first half of the Brazil vs.Spain soccer match was good :) You gotta love miembros [members] that are willing to listen to a scripture and give you water while they watch the game on their big screen TV in their shack. Look for the good parts and you'll forget the rest.
The mission is the best two years. You just gotta look for the best parts of the two years.
<3 Elder Mortensen.

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