Monday, July 8, 2013

June 24, 2013 (Week 45)

June 24, 2013

I love Gold Bond body powder. It's like a shower in a bottle. - Me.

Elder Bair laughed pretty hard about that and said it's the quote of the week. So allĂ­ esta. [that's it]
Whenever you just don't feel like showering, just cover yourself in Gold Bond. Its cooling, smooth, and makes you smell better! Wow. I sound like I should be in an ad, haha.
But yeah. Abisag, I've talked to Mendez, is still really sick. He told me he's gotta drop her. Freak. I'm pretty upset about that.
Here, it's gorgeous. I've sent home a few fotos. It's super green and beautiful. I can't wait to explore a little. But, the cool part about it all, is that I got to see Elder Westhoff. We had a conferencia de lideres [leaders conference] in Veracruz, so I got to take a 2 hour bus there, and back, and he stayed at my house that night. Pretty freaking fun to see him again. I think that's why the Lord thought it was convenient to send me to Tierra Blanca on cambios especiales [special transfer]. Pretty cool memories. Good conference. Good times.
Freak. Read D&C 133:26-34 and tell me what you can get out of those verses. Just think real hard. Its a prophecy... a real scary and REAL prophecy.
I'm in Tierra blanca, Veracruz. I'm here with Elder Bair, ANOTHER WHITE GUY. FREAK. My Spanish is suffering. I need a Latino. My area is Independencia. It's pretty freaking sick.
And as for that broadcast [worldwide LDS missionary work broadcast], I don't want to hear any complaints! We all watched and drooled remembering America. Freak. Your houses are so bloody nice!!! Ridiculous! Westhoff's bishop wasn't there, we have an encargado obispo, which means he is just a fill in. Like that tool on Lord of the Rings 3. Not a king, just a wannabe. ANDDDD.... our Ward Mission Leader was a slob and wasn't there. Neither was the only counselor we have. So we got more depressed than ever thinking about it... 
Haha im outta time. love you all. Cuidense [take care]. Adios!
Elder MURTONTIN.  That's how they say my name down here.

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