Wednesday, July 24, 2013

July 22, 2013 (Week 49)

July 22, 2013

Boy, this week comes way too fast... well, to start off, it rained. superrrr hard. monsoon style! We were walking through streets of rivers up to the knees! haha wayyy too much fun.

Second, and basically the only thing I can think about, is we found a family, Mom Laura, and her husband Jose Luis. She got baptized 12 years ago, but got deported before she could get confirmed. missionaries have been working with them for years to get them baptized. The whole family is 6. people. pretty freaking sweet. She had a lot of doubts, but por fin [at last] got baptized. Freak! Took long enough! Super cool though.
I'll tell you what, hell combined against us Saturday. Jose Luis didn't want to get baptized, the font wasn't drained or cleaned, just lots of different things. But I had the thought to grab my sandals and towel just in case. He still said "no I wanna wait, I wanna wait..." But I could see he didn't. I told him to go try on this overall just to see if it fit. He said ok, went, I told him "grab my sandals!" So he did. Grabbed my towel, we grabbed some fotos, and he went under the water and came out soo happy. It was incredible. It's a super long story but a super good one. We are working with the rest of the family now :) Wish us luck! This area is starting to get better and better finally :)
As for Arlington [I told Conner we saw his old leaders from the National Boy Scout Jamboree and talked about their experience at Arlington National Cemetery] , I still get pretty emotional when I think about that memory too. It's something very special to me and I'll never forget it. I almost joined the marines it hit me so hard. But it doesn't compare to the love I feel from Christ on the mission. Man. It's so strong sometimes you just want to drop down to your knees. Super crazy.
A clown walked in to the church after everyone had left, drunk, and started kneeling and praying to the pulpit,. Pretty weird. He kept talking to us, then left, then started wailing. So funny. We had noooo clue what to do. Elder Bair just sat there and played the piano :) hahahahaha
Well, Temazcal was fun. it was nice to go out there finally. Pretty fun. lake is huge, not cold though. that sucked. haha. but my time is up. I love you all, take care.

Elder Mortensen.

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