Wednesday, July 24, 2013

July 15, 2013 (Week 48)

July 15, 2013

I shared your shut up and do your job quote [... silly office games people play.  Still amazes me how people "kiss-up" and try to act important.  I want to yell, "just do your job!"] with Elder Bair. He agrees. It's so frustrating. The stake president here wants everyone's misery and loves ruling over people. Not the best qualities for a leader if I say so... and our encargado [Ward mission leader??] just mimics him. So much brown nosing. But anyways, English class is going good. We get a few investigators. Pretty funny, I can't remember English. I can't speak it, read it, or spell it. It's pretty sad. I haven't used my English scriptures in weeks. I'm thinking about leaving them here in a box with a cool family until I go home. Dead weight at the moment! 
And sheesh, I know. We see people hacking at weed with machetes and we jump and scramble to help. Anything to work hard again is worth it. And plus, we gringos in white shirts in ties going ape in a field of weeds attracts some positive attention. It's nice to work hard. But boy, people ask if you fell in a lake after. Sopping wet from head to toe hahaha.
But like I was telling mom, it's a good thing someone sees a change. I'm still Conner. Just with a weird first name now hahahah.
But yeah, tacos are good. You white people have NO idea what salsa is. I'll just say that much. NO idea. You guys eat ketchup basically. Wait 12 months. FREAK. I'M ALMOST AT A YEAR. freaking 11 months today. Woo! Another month older! haha.
The Tonsil problem is back, and the Hna Treviño is still not helpful on the surgery. I went to a real doctor. I guess you could say he's real. He is from Cuba. Talks funny. haha. But I sat in a chair, he put on his headlamp, opened my mouth with a popsicle stick and went to town. I almost threw up and cried at the same time. He shoved my swollen tonsils sooo far into my throat. Freak. Hurt so bad. I couldn't talk right for a week. But he says it will probably come back in a few months. great.... woo.... I'll keep you updated on that.
Well, a man died this week. Recent convert. It's interesting, I've visited 2 sick people in 2 areas and 2 days after they die. I keep wondering if people are just waiting for that blessing or confirmation from God its time to go. I guess people on their death bed might really see messengers of Christ telling them its alright to let go now. Just a thought.
But we assisted at his funeral, because the ward is a DISGRACE. The Catholics are at least worried about visiting the widow and Hno. Jorges salvation. We had 3 people see the widow, 5 assist the at the service, and 8 at the burial. Over 50 Catholics. Disgusted with our ward... But the funeral was good. I want to get buried like a Mexican. The graves are simple and unkept, but the people are good. They build a cinderblock box in the ground and put the casket in it. Then the men throw in a handful of dirt and the women a flower or two. We helped get huge concrete slabs about a quarter mile away. they were about 130 lbs. and you carry them on your back up a hill. We grabbed 5 in total. Carried them up the hill, and then set them down. The father of the dead then cements the concrete box and then the men help him place the slabs over the casket. they then sealed the edges of the slabs, and then smeared concrete over the whole box so it was covered. Then the men threw the dirt over the slabs like usual, Then the women place flower arrangements over and around the grave. The men wear normal clothes, as do the women. There aren't any tuxes, any words said, just work to get it done and then over with. I thought it interesting that Mexicans don't get all dressed up for the occasion. They work to get that casket in there just like they work hard every day to scratch out a living. Everyone in silence then walked away. Real simple, but real beautiful la verdad [the truth]. Pretty interesting.
Well. My time is gone. I'll see you all for the next saga in the life of the Anciano (Elder). By the way, pastors and priests and ancianos de any religion don't stand a chance against our doctrine. It's interesting to know that God has enough trust in 20 year old boys to defend his truths against people way more studied than we are. Church is true, it's the only way to happiness. Eso si sè y testifico [I testify of that]. Amen.

Elder Mortensen.

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