Tuesday, September 3, 2013

August 26, 2013 (Week 54)

August 26, 2013

Well... What happened... Not much. My mind is pretty dead.

Carcamo and me rode a train for about 3 miles, I jumped and ran, he jumped and crashed. Got pretty scratched up haha.
But other than that, it's been a pretty hard week, hard weeks for that matter. No matter how many people we find and baptismal dates we get, everyone seems to die after we put in allllll our work. We are still hoping that things start to pick up. It's pretty hard sometimes and I think this will be the first month I don't baptize. We have a sure one this Sunday, but that's in september. I feel pretty much like a failure if we go 3 weeks without a baptism, let alone 4. It's just the missions here... different culture. You should have a baptism every week, if you work. We must be missing a piece. We had a chance to work with an assistant, and he helped us realize and how to focus on the needs. Good day with him, even though he FREAKING put his FREAKING shoes allll over my hammock. It took EVERYTHING I had to not planch the assistant there... jaja. Nobody touches her like that. Carcamo saw my face and immediately started laughing but then looked away. Pure anger hahaha.
Hopefully things start to pick up. We found a gold nugget, but she can't come to church for a bit.
The family of 10 is slowly "dying", and I'm afraid we might have to "kill" them this week. I was so stoked. We are going to try to revive them, but can't waste too much time. But Gustavo, the 26 year old that we contacted is still pretty strong. We pray he goes under this week, and because he wanted to do it in a river... :) I'd like to get in the water again. That fresh white shirt is still in the package...
Maria de los Angeles is scared her mom won't let her, but we are gonna keep reading and stuff to see if she will progress. If not, Facebook friend and I'll pick that one up when i get home hahahahahahahaha
Maribel,,,, is still pressured by her church and isn't really doing her homework. SHE KNOWS ITS TRUE!!! agggghhh... So frustrating... I wish I could planch some people.
"I have family over... yeah. we are the family, we came from Veracruz, and we already have plans..."
Uhh... what about God? Where does HE fit in those plans?? sheesh.
Man. I hope I don't scare you all. I'm still me haha. phew. yeah. power planch over. :)
haha I love you all. Take care, and enjoy the snow when it comes . Lucky dogs. Although there is a hurricane and we have been getting substantial rain. I love it, Carcamo doesn't like being wet. haha. Crazy Gringos...

Anciano Mortensen.

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