Sunday, September 29, 2013

September 9, 2013 (Week 56)

September 9, 2013

[I told Conner about the salsa we made with jalapenos and Anaheim peppers...He wasn't impressed :) ]

Jalapeños?? para que? no hacen nada! [that's nothing!] Jalapeños are for wusses. Plant me some Jabanero y chilpaya and I'll make some salsa so good you'll want to cry. and after eating it, you will cry hahahaha.
The 5 weeks is for ALLLLL of Mexico [number of Church meetings an investigator must attend before baptism]. It's from the presidencia de area. It's game changing here in Mexico. GAME CHANGING. Better or worse, we will see hahaha. I think it's a prototype for the Latin world. They always try Mexico first to see. Who knows why.
But I don't know. Gotta be positive or you don't have anything. I've felt the down, stressed-out side and I felt like going home to sleep the whole day and forget life. Better to live stress free! jaja.
As for this week, Abi, daughter de Jose Luis y Laura is gonna get baptized, we just gotta find out a way to get her to tell Jonathan (boyfriend) that if he wants back in when he gets home from working, he's gotta get married so she can do it. Still waiting for that baptism. We have a few people that could get baptized, but thanks to 5 weeks we gotta wait. Oh well. it's not too bad to blank change in this time. Understandable with the new rule. Just keep walking, just keep walking... Freak, my shoes are on the downhill slide as well. I've been sewing and cutting rubber from all parts on em jajaja.
It's torment season... which means we have gotten SOAKED 5 times. We get to the house, hang up the clothes outside and plan real fast. It rains nightly for more than 4 or 5 hours. Pretty nuts! It sure feels good to be in the rain. Sheesh. Hotter than Africa. I bought jerseys by the way. And I've been buying and collecting old bills of money. Pretty freaking cool. I'm hoping to have a good collection.
I have no clue what else happened. Laid bricks, cut trees with machetes and filled holes in church clothes and ties. Just another day in paradise!
Much love for you all. Gotta bounce.

[Regarding the Mexico vs. USA soccer match, World Cup qualifier]:
VIVA AMERICA!! MEXICO CONTRA AMERICA!!!! WOOO!!!! VIVA LA COPA MUNDIAL! AMERICA VA POR CABEZA DE AREA!!!! VA PA´ ABAJO COSTA RICA Y MEXICO. (I've got a few little bets here and there on this game. I've been waiting for it forever.) 
Adios :)

Elder Mortensen

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