Sunday, September 29, 2013

September 23, 2013 (Week 58)

September 23, 2013


Well... we just climbed a mountain Cercita a la Casa... oh my goodness. We took a taxi truck, basically you give this guy 10 pesos and he takes you up the the point, but we had to climb a insane uphill jungle type forest in mud, in church clothes to get to the most breathtaking view I've seen of Pico de Orizaba, and for that case, since Kings Peak. but the difference with Kings Peak is that it was suddenly that we made it to the top. it was incredible... I have fotos, I'll send 'em home! We dropped down into the other side of the mountain into a little village... they hardly speak Spanish it was soooo cool. The people speak Nahwalt or something. It's FREAKING AWESOME. but... we are thinking about preaching there. The only problem is, the last Testigos de Jehova [Jehovah's Witnesses] were taken captive, and tied down, and they were literally about to burn them... hahahaha Freaking TJs. They don't show any respect. We will think about it. It was one of the most breathtaking views of my life. Seeing the whoooole city Mendoza, and the pueblito... wow. We came down pretty bruised and cut up, the mountains here aren't like the Rockies. they shoot straight up. Needless to say, the muddy slippery downhill was somewhat of a joy on the way back down. We all slipped and slid, I fell on a branch and literally impaled myself, but a pretty cool miracle or something because it was sharp and didn't draw blood . I might have a broken rib ... pretty sharp pain in my side still haha.... but other than that, man it was amazing.
As for Mendoza, I'm literally in a small city in the middle of the mountains. its connected with two other cities, and its pretty small. one main road. Carlos A. Carrillo still tops it all in smallness haha. there are mountains on all sides, and I'm soooo stoked!!! its amazing. I got here, and we don't have much, but we are gonna start working hard. man. it is pretty hard here. People just ignore you if you contact them, or run in their house. but the ward is pretty strong, and I'm pretty stoked to start working here. as for that, man I have soooo many stories to tell you all. so many... 
We are working with a family of 4 right now. He wants to give up alcohol, so we had him pour out his only can of Indio Cerveza, and throw the can as far as he could. I gave them all a ctr ring that you gave me mom, and they loved em. I hope he can let go of the beer. It's a strong vice but he's gonna do it for his family. Hopefully we get to baptize!!! Straight converts to the gospel. So cool. Well, I gotta go. I have so much to tell you all, but its all mixed in my brain, so.. sorry. and sorry I wrote late, internet went out. but.... yeah... I love you all. Garrett, Riley, and whoever else reads this letter, go on a mission. you won't regret it. It's the hardest two years, but you will never ever see things like this any other time in your life. The chance to work with people so amazing and to see them change is crazy. I know this work is true. Go to the temple weekly, really READ your scriptures. 1 Nefi 15. They are a protection in this crazy world! Say good prayers. It makes ALLLLL the difference. And then, when God calls us, we will have no problems saying I'm here. Clean.
Love you all.
Elder Monsterson 

(they still have no clue how to pronounce my name haha)

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