Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September 2, 2013 (Week 55)

September 2, 2013

 I'll never stop catching snakes.
Just like when I was 5... awww. So cute.

Well this week, we got some interesting news... We now have to bring people to church 5 times before baptism... That's gonna be fun. Oh well. Guess it makes for more converts. Still hard when the stake president won't move the hours from 8 to 10. It's still 8-11 and 12-3. its gonna be hard getting people, up to 20 if you count all the people we need to bring by semana [week] 5 to church. At 7 in the morning. Sheesh. We will see how this goes. 
And.... we left la canicula! I have no clue how to say that in English, but it's 40 days of the earth being the closest to the sun. So... it was hell. for 40 days. And here I am teaching people about "paradise" after this life... hahaha felt like the children of Israel wandering in a desert for 40 years. but I'm in Mexico. different, but same thing. hahah but it should start to rain more. It rains close to every night, and sometimes during the day. Nobody will have any problems with me calling them asking if I can go to the house until it stops raining. I'm the first one throwing my books in a plastic bag and ending the lesson and running out into the rain haha. loco gringo esta bien mojado! porque tiene sonrisa??? [crazy white man is very wet, why is he smiling???]
I've got a few scriptures... first.
Brad, Garrett, Riley, Blake, and whoever else is male, -or close to it- Open your bibles and imagine in my lovely voice Job 38:3. In essence, it says put on your pants like a man!!!
Gird up now thy loins like a man.
That's my spiritual message for you all today :)
Not really. I want you all to read 2 Nephi 4:16-35 and study it out. Everyone is always like "oh so chill what Nephi says". but if you study it with the Lord's prayer in Matthew... Man its pretty dang close to equal. Study those out and write in the margin different notes. l wrote stuff like "here he humbles himself, trusts in the lord, and finds the problem and presents it"... stuff like that. Should give you guys some insight to pray like Jesus did. but Nephi just gives us the perfect laid out example. That's what I love about him. Christ's baptism... Christ's prayer... all is explained with more detail in the Book of Mormon. Even charity. That's my homework for you all this week.
We are working with a few people. All of them are gold, it's just we have to be more direct with them and take out the whole tree or the problem instead of chopping branches. We will see how this goes! Wish us luck. We need to baptize. there's a bit of pressure. Oh well. Thanks for the Email dad. helps me understand that maybe I'm just meant to plant seeds my mission. If that's the case, so be it. 

Elder Mortensen

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