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February 24, 2014 (Week 80)

February 24, 2014

You all have no idea how hard it is to write the letter home every week [in English]. It takes allll my brain power... I hope you can understand me! But we have been doing divisions with all the compa├▒erismos en la zona. We are going to their areas and doing splits for a night. It's fun because you get out of the routine and can learn from someone else. I like being ZL for that. Lots of people to do divisions with.
This week has been pretty crazy too. Super duper fast... no me diga [don't tell me]. The headaches have gone away, but the after affects are still here. Man, the mission really takes its toll. Blessings though... back is crooked, hurts to breathe when to walk up hills, among other side affects, but I'm willing to do anything for the Lord. He's blessed me with so much, I've gotta give whatever I can to him. Time is running out... but still have a bit left :) Elder Anderson dies this week. freakkkkk.
We have been finding a few people lately, the redneck Jairo came to church with his wife and family alone and before most of the members. soooo cool! They are progressing, and they are wanting that eternal familia. They have friends that just got sealed did a 180 degree change in life and they want that too. He's so cool haha. Gonna get me a few skins from some giant squirrels hahahaha, but they are starting to get a testimony..
Julio is progressing really well. He is doing a whole lot of reading and he left behind cigarros and alcohol. Pretty cool. He's gonna be our miracle baptism for this change...
Jose y Blanca. man. They are going through soo much. The Lord has put them through the trial of faith, and I'm afraid their faith is failing them. He started drinking again,, and she's super sad. Man. The songs of a broken hearted mother. I don't have words for that. Keep them in your prayers. We are gonna keep working with them.
Remember, ask, and ye shall receive. Don't doubt that promise. I love the Lord and I love all of you. Enjoy the pictures of Salto de Eyipantla, next week. I hope to have photos of the famed Waters of Mormon. On that note, gotta go. Sorry it's been short, been "texting" Garrett and dad haha. Love you all.

Elder Mortensen.

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