Sunday, March 16, 2014

March 10, 2014 (Week 82)

March 10, 2014

Tarzan. Jane. Tarzan.

Haha. Finally got to swing from a vine. Funner than it looks. Fun videos, but too big to send. Another fun trip to Ruiz Cortinez with Jairo. He got mad Sunday and didn't want to go to church. That made me happy... He didn't even know why he was mad. This week was a pretty big disappointment. We worked soooo hard and found new people, put baptismal dates, and worked like dogs climbing up hill after hill to find people, and then Sunday came, and nobody came. Everyone started lying, or putting excuses, or like crabs in a cage, started bullying their family members so they wouldn't go to church... that always makes my day!! Well, we at least have a few more people in teaching. But the crappy part is now they are gonna have to wait another week to get baptized. I hate moving forward dates.
It was sad with Jose y Blanca. He's now going with the Catholic church. He gave up. There's no hope in his eyes. I told him he's in the Catholic church now because its easier. If they never get baptized it's not gonna go well for them. They have had so many witnesses and blessings... Their 16 year old convert son bore his testimony. He's the only active member in his family, and started tearing up and saying its hard going to church alone every week, "I went to an activity and everyone had their parents, and I was there alone. I've always wanted a familia eterna, but I don't have it. I've always wanted to baptize my mom and dad when I was 16, but now I see they are opting for another path, and I know and they know it's not the right one". He bore his testimony about the church and then ended. His dad I don't even think heard him. I hope he did, though... but I want us all to remember just how nice we have it. We enjoy the blessings of an eternal family and I think a whole lot of the time we don't even realize it, or are grateful for it. One of my tactics in a contact is to tell the people what their priest or judge says when you get married...Until death do you part. Have we thought about that? EVERY SINGLE PERSON that has ever lived, unless they accept, will never be with their family forever. It's something rather dramatic that I don't think we as members even realize... well, just think about the blessings we enjoy. Man. It's pretty crazy. We have work to do.
I love you all, you are in my prayers, and I know the Lord answers prayers. We just have to ask, wait, and listen for the answer. But it will come. Have a good week, take care of all the new chamakos [babies] in the family... haha. You all keep saying there is more, and I'm just saying I'm fine down here [without all the new nieces and nephews!].

Elder "Tarzan" Mortensen.

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