Sunday, March 16, 2014

March 3, 2014 (Week 81)

March 2, 2014

Robin hood and little john runnin through the forest,... Don't know the rest... haha
Great show, and fits pretty well last Monday. We went running through the jungle and bouncing around in a truck to get to cola de caballo, y Posa Reyna [Waters of Mormon]. Pretty cool. I wanna go back already and swim haha.
This week, Julio got baptized! Man that was a cool baptism. Apart from being the only one this change, it was cool. When I first met him, he was apostate and said the Book of Mormon is a straight lie. The next time, he had read, prayed, and was completely changed haha. It was super cool. Gave up cigarettes, and alcohol. And when he was sitting down in his white clothes to get baptized I asked him if he was ready, and he said I've been ready for a long time. It was super cool to hear that from him. That's when you know someone is converted or not. When they look to the day of their baptism like it's the only thing they have ever wanted to do in life.
Jose y Blanca got pretty hard. She wants it sooo bad, but Jose has given up. It's sad. Its not all Joses fault. She hasn't come to church, and I straight up told them that's why you haven't been baptized, because you haven't made the sacrifice to come. Pretty sad, I guess we will be working less with them... we had 7 people in church this week. that was sooooo nice. Jairo and Carla came by themselves. They are starting to make it a habit and it will help them so much to get through this next period. I'm sure hoping they can get married here soon. We also found a woman looking for someone else, but she has been waiting for this gospel alllll her life. She knows it and I know she knows it. She came to church and the baptism and I know she's next. It was cool to see her face. Brought a young couple to church. I didn't see them too much, but Elder Anderson sat by them and said she is gonna get baptized. He knows it. Just the way they were in church makes it all. I reallly hope so. We've now been sworn before Elder Oaks that we are gonna baptized every week in April and henceforth.... welll. It's a promise! Gotta start working! Wasn't the best week for lessons or anything. Nobody was home or they were just straight jerks. One guy told me to stop bothering him when he was watching how the earth got made by the big bang hahaha. I'm sure he's catholic... Do you think God made the earth? THAT'S WHAT I'M WATCHING AND LEARNING. SHUT UP AND LEAVE! 
Well, my new compañero is...... Elder Parco, from Texas. AY AY AY!!! What do I need to learn from Americans?? His parents are from Korea I think, but it's cool. He's super humble and has been baptizing like 6 weeks straight. I'm excited to learn from him. Maybe my prayers have been answered. I guess we will find out! haha. It's sure been a wild ride with Elder Anderson. I'm glad we baptized once. 

Well, that sucks about BYU [not being accepted for Fall 2014]. Maybe the lord doesn't want me in his school hahahahaha. doesn't matter. I guess I'll find out what happens next. Alaska always did sound like more fun..
Love you all, hope you are all well, and mom don't break anything else!

Elder Mortensen

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