Wednesday, March 19, 2014

March 17, 2014 (Week 83)

March 17, 2014

Well, cant really say too much about Jairo, but let/s just say he inherited his fathers business. He's now running from the bad guys because he didn't pay. We haven't seen him all week, and president says not to go very much over there... That reallllllly blows. Pretty upset. This week we got the fun phone call from Presidente, Elder Gomez and Ashby are getting split up because they stopped working, Gomez my good ol buddy that's almost dead in 4 weeks is coming over here. We are the weirdest compaƱerismo haha.
Elder Parco is from Texas. Fort Worth. He's about half my size. His parents are from the Philipines, and doesn't talk much. He's pretty serious and is pretty direct, and when he exercises, he's a stretcher. Haha, that means, he stretches for 30 minutes. I love comps like that. It makes me laugh. He's a good guy and we have a little fun together, and he's really dedicated to put and meet goals and improve. That's all he does, and it works really well. He's really obedient and a good missionary, but we have to change a bit in our teaching styles. Completely different haha.
Well, I wish I had more to say. Nobody is coming to church. Even the straight gold we find has higher priorities than God or church. Satan just straight attacks everyone we find with their weakness... job, family, trip to Veracruz for the sick grandma. Whatever it is, they just aren't coming. We are gonna have a special training this Wednesday in Veracruz so I hope we can get some answers, because I'm confused. We are super obedient, and work really hard, and everything, but really, nothing is clicking. People just lose sight after a week or two. The parable of the sower really hits the spot.
Well, I love you all. I can't believe I just hit 19 months. That sucks. I wanted to extend but I don't think the Lord wants me to. I would have liked to, but oh well.
Hasta la proxima [until next time], Elder Mortensen

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