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April 22, 2013 (Week 36)

April 22, 2013

 "Conner´s interesting story about what happened in Mexico this week!"

We show up to this Hermanas house to eat Tuesday.She looks surprised, and my stomach grumbled, because I knew she forgot. She went to the kitchen to prepare something. This lady is nuts by the way. She thinks she is more 'chosen' than Joseph Smith or Adam and Eve... She comes back out with hard tortillas, 5 chicken nuggets, and 2 bananas. For the both of us. saweet! Sounds delicious and filling! We ask for water, and she comes out with Agua de Limón. alright, I'm cool with that. but it looks different. It's yellow, not the pale white it usually is. I have a sip. It's blended lime juice...... what in the gale? It was so bitter we just chugged it and choked back tears. Ate our 2.5 chicken nuggets, and listen to her say, don't worry about me. I've already eaten! "Oh muchas gracias hermana por preocuparse por nuestro salud y bienestar" [thank you very much sister for caring about our health and wellness]... We leave. my comp is still weak in the stomach, so he loses it all in 20 minutes. I laugh, until the next day. We eat a huge meal. He goes again. Me, nothing. freak... Esperanza gave us a hugeeee meal Thursday. Still nothing. My stomach is so tight. I've been trying laxatives, half a papaya, (natural laxative the size of a pumpkin) and other things. Nothing! I go to a doctor. She gives me more laxative. great... I take it, pain gets worse. after 3 doctors visits, I end up back with worse pain Saturday. The doctor pushes around on my stomach and finally says I have gastritis complicado. fun.... This never goes away once you get it, just gets under control. She also tells me the gastritis was made worse by the laxative because it cleaned my stomach and burned it and my intestines, so now I'm all inflamed. idk. She is going to give me some pretty powerful laxative today. I'm in a world of fun! haha man. I asked if the gastritis was caused by the agua de limon. She says "yup. That'll do it!" Freaking hermana.... no manches [no way]. I guess I shouldn't have laughed at my comp! Sheesh. I'm doing better now. Just have to watch my diet and not eat anything good for 2 weeks, namely, milk or grease. The only staple food down here. Chicken and rice and stovetop meat.

So that's the story of how I received Gastritis complicado in Mexico!

I've been playing the piano for the ward hermanas. They want me to play hijas de un rey, or daughters of a king. I play alright for the amount of time I've had to practice, but they are just straight miserable. They always tell me "it's the Elders fault we don't sound good!" Noé had to save me and got up and told the hermanas they need to stop shrieking... the lady that gave us 2 chicken nuggets and a glass of gastritis just screams her little heart out into the woman in front of her, or noés wife. They are a cool couple. He's huge. Benches 140 kilos 8x4.

We kind of stopped teaching the gang man, Cutberto. Although it was fun to teach in English. He doesn't want to change his religion, because he's a non-practicing Catholic his whole life. They have so much pride in a religion, they don't even know. His wife is cool. We've been teaching her. Also, we found his neighbor, Milton. He's hilarious, But he's living with a 32 year old with two kids who works 12 hours a day. He's pretty irresponsible and knows it, and knows he needs to shape up and keep a job, but can't for some reason. It scares him. He could progress though. Then again, the last time we went over he was higher than a kite from his marijuana... He was too funny though. "Here, have a seat, sit here. Sit down please. Now. Here. Seat. Would you like some coffee? Here take a mango, have another, another, wait, that one's nice, I'm gonna eat that one. Nah, you take it. Take it! It's good. Nah, I'll eat it!" He's a good guy. And the church is lacking priesthood like you wouldn't believe down here... Mangoes are fantastic. They fall like raindrops down here. So good. really sweet and dulce [sweet].

I discoursed this last Sunday. Finally got my chance. Another girl spoke, took her time, then Elder Lehikainen spoke, did good job on prayer, scriptures, and church assistance. This ward is so fried nobody listens. They left me 3 minutes. I wasn't gonna go for the bishop cutting me short this time so I walked up and immediately started talking. I think I did pretty good. I gave it on the caridad, charity. Pretty good. I got up and told them what Moroni said, that if they didn't have charity and stopped backbiting and fighting and being jealous and angry they were nothing. I then told them that the assistance was pathetic, (in a nice way) by telling them that 4 benches being filled is not good enough. the entire front should be filled. They should be filling up the back chapel as well. In the class following, principios del evangelio [gospel principles], the bishop first planched [chastised] my investigator, saying he couldn't date the Guzman's daughter or be her girlfriend after he joined the church and until he got back from the mission... We had to calm his fears after in private. Freaking bishop. Apostasy and personal opinions are the only doctrines preached in that class. Lazy scrub. But he brought up our talks, and said something interesting. He first said we know the Elder Mortensen doesn't speak that good, but he doesn't speak too bad either. Thanks, bish. But then he said at first it was hard to understand me, but then about halfway, it just became crystal clear (my Spanish). Then Hna Guzman agreed. saweet. I know they all heard me. I looked every one of them in the eye and told them what they needed to hear. 

But yeah. gift of tongues. cool experience. No se preocupen por mi salud, estoy bien, gracias por todos sus oraciones. Las necesito yo. Gracias. [do not worry about my health, I'm fine, thanks for all your prayers. I need them] 
Hasta la proxima [until next time], Elder Mortensen.

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