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May 6, 2013 (Week 38)

May 6, 2013

I look at my hamaka [hammock] like she's my only true love. la Bamaka! It's a hamaka, with the color of a banana. I call it a bamaka.
Esperanza is amazing. Makes us food and horchata every weekend, 3 meals. I almost need to leave this transfer. I think she feels so in debt to us she wants me to eat. I paid her once with a dirty trick of leaving money on her counter. She glared the next time I saw her.... oops. But no, she's great. More on her later. It'll be sad to leave her though. She is so disappointed she can't give me a hug. She made me promise to come back as an ex misionero to give her a hug. I said "alright, have some horchata waiting!" It's literally better than Mountain Dew. You hear that, mom???
Tonio got up and bore his testimony last Sunday. It was incredible. His conversion story is pretty cool. He bit the hand that fed him, by going against his mom and being baptized. He said it was tough, but in his testimony said that he has never had his mom be this nice to him, or respect him, and he knows it is a blessing of following the Lord. He KNOWS that la Iglesia de JESUCRISTO de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias es la unica verdadera [The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the only true church]. It's so cool. He got up and said, "well, I don't know much, but I know that the gospel has changed my life." We are working on a mission with him!
The Familia Guzman has turned into my family. We have been given an extra hour of language study every day, and the hermana likes reading with us cause it forces her to read, so she just planches [chastises] our español. It's great for all of us. But they are still fighting to go to the temple. The stake president didn't get the the stake center till 10:30 at night, so they had to wait till tomorrow. Now she has doubts. FREAKING SATANAS [Satan]!. He's my enemy and I hate him. We have to get the Familia Guzman to the temple. They need it bad. The storm is just at full speed. Hurricane 5. But I love them so much. Its amazing to see how the Lord blesses you with a familia away from your real family.

Well... we found this old bugger. Ramon 66 years old. and accepted church, baptism, and the Book of Mormon, first time. He loves church, and cries every time. He wants God more and more and can't wait for his baptism. During the new convert class, principios del evangelio [Gospel Principles], the bishop left, probably to eat cookies on Fast Sunday, and Tonio, Esperanza, and Ramon were in there. They were all sharing testimonies and stuff. super spiritual and awesome!!! I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Man, I'm so blessed to be a tool in the Lords hands.
By the way, the Sacrament is the most important 15 minutes of my life. I can't describe the feeling I get every Sunday now. I feel like my spiritual understanding has increased infinitely and that my life has changed so drastically I can't imagine sinning. I finally feel like Alma the Younger. Change of heart. Man, the mission, has planched [chastised] me, dragged me, destroyed me, kicked me, but then lifted me, healed me, helped me, and changed me. I don't know what happened. It definitely wasn't overnight, but with time, man.... its crazayy... 

GO ON MISSIONS ANYONE WHO READS MY WORDS. the food, the sacrifice, nothing is even close to the blessings you get. I've been thinking about it... People say 2 years of the mission is tithing for 20 years of life. But every night I go to bed I end up more and more in debt.... The Lord will never cease to bless his children. That's something we have to learn by ourselves.
Funny side note, we went to the church to start the fast this Saturday, instead of walking 2 miles to the house. We entered, and heard a little beep. what in the gale.... ah whatever. suddenly, WOOOOP WOOOOP WOOOOP. no manches!!! "Call the bishop. Call him! Call him!" Finally it stopped. We said our prayers, and walked out the door. WOOOOP WOOOOPP WOOOOPPP. a la macina!!! The marines show up. 4 fully dressed soldiers jump out of the truck to greet us at the gate. fully locked and loaded with grenade launchers and rifles... uh... "yeah I'm a misionero aqui.... don't shoot." They wrote down names, asked questions, and had to wait for a member of the church to show up and identify us. We were held as suspects for 30 minutes.... haha. that's a interesting time. Got outta there fast! 
Well, that's it for the week. Until Sunday, at 6 my time, I'll see you on skype. We will get something together. Don't stress. I'll find you on a computer and get you added. hasta luego [See you later]!

El Elder Mortensen.

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