Sunday, May 19, 2013

May 13, 2013 (Week 39)

May 13, 2013

Did you guys video record our Skype session? It's not everyday I get to see both my families on Skype at the same time!!! haha. It was pretty mind blowing... It's been a rough weekend for the mind. So many crazy things have been happening! Skype was great. The crazy part is that I don't really miss anything. My mind is so focused on the mission it's hard to even think about home! I guess that's what happens when you forget yourself and go to work though right? I literally forgot myself, (and half my English).

But the part that I'm transferring to, Carlos A Carillo, is pure basin. It's about 2 hours away from Tuxtapec, the city. It gets pretty dang hot down there. It's all green and humid and hot. Tierra blanca is right there and they get up to like 120 degrees easily. Even the port doesn't stay in the 90's anymore really. Right now the warm winds are starting to blow in.
As for the temple, it was fantastic. I'm going to try draw out some mental fotos I have. See if it works! haha but yeah. I don't know. To be their witnesses, and to be such a huge part made it that much more special. I literally fasted and prayed harder for them than at any other time in my mission. It's really really cool. I was just sitting there talking with her alone while Elder Lehikainen was Skyping and we just talked about my conversion up to the date, and actually how weird this change was. The fact that they literally transformed into my family, I don't know. I just changed. My cheeks got fatter, and I'm a different man. I can say man now, because I'm getting a beer belly, or tortilla belly. Wow. I really don't know how to describe the temple. It was so much better than in December, because I was in there for 20 minutes praying a staring in awe, and then my favorite family walked in. Man. super duper chill. Butttttt.... I literally can't think of what else to write. I'm pretty stumped/in a mind block. I don't even know if I'm making sense. I probably better stop. Love you all! 

Elder Mortensen. 

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