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April 29, 2013 (Week 37)

April 29, 2013

Taking a shower after some service! hahahahahah
Well.. it's been an interesting week to say the least. One of a lot of different emotions. Tuesday, we had conferencia de zona [Zone Conference]. Translated, that means 9 hours of lots of spiritual, planching [chastising], uplifting, headaching discourses from The president, assistants, and his wife. Lots of information, but a few really good talks from President. He first talked about repentance, and how sweet the atonement is, and then for his last he talked about finding that spiritual water and talked about how he drilled 100 meters into the ground to get some water for his house, fasted prayed, and did everything possible, but he couldn't find the underground water. His prayers were answered a few weeks later when a neighbor said they had one more spot left on the water tank if he wanted it. He gave the example of Shadrack Meeshack and Ebed-nigo. We all know the story, got thrown in the fire, saved, super chill stuff. But he pointed out three words to us. When they are testifying in front of the King, they said our God will save us, we have faith, yada yada, but the next verse says, Y si no. (and if not) like per say, And if he doesn't save us, then it doesn't matter. we will still not worship your gods.Such strength and faith to say that. They realized that they had a will, but God had his. and if he didn't save them from the fire, they still wouldn't retreat from their Maker. So cool. 3 words. Y SI NO. Ten fe, mi hija, tu fe te ha salvado. The Bible and Book of Mormon are full of that. por causa de su fe...[because of their faith]


After that, I snuck off a few blocks to go see Angel y Donata. They still recognized me :) haha I loved it. Although they made a pact with his dying father he wouldn't go to the Mormon church, (pure catolico [Catholic].) so he said I won't. Just an obedient son, but their testimonies just weren't deep enough. Still have a testimony and read their Books of Mormon, but can't/won't go. It hurt but they are doing good. I ran into the missionaries and the bishop of the ward and asked them, they said ah they are dead [not worth working with]. Won't visit them. I wanted to beat all 3 of them. I realized that's the crappy part of the mission. You have to leave your brothers and sisters to other elders who just know them as inactive shmucks that won't go to church. I hate it. Like Elder Lehikainen started telling Trinidad that if she goes to the temple (11 months in advance) and breaks those covenants she will be punished. I tapped his foot and said enough. Trinidad is still drinking milk and hasn't done baptisms yet, let alone needs to know the upper significance of the temple. He blew up on me after that lesson. He's kind of a hot head. He's from California, played baseball his whole life, and is your average jock. The people I never really got along with in high school... great.

I don't know. This semana [week] has been weird. I feel like Woody in this ward and Buzz just came in. Not necessarily better or anything, but just new. He now knows the ward and the people, so he doesn't need me now. I try to help his Spanish, and he throws books and slams windows. ayyy... my head hurts. I've stopped caring, and I feel like nobody really cares about that. People just say I'm "dead" and get mad at me. It's because Elder Lehikainen came in to save the day.He came here to bring the family Guzman to the temple, and to finalize the conversion of Toño. ay manches. It's been really hard. Being here another transfer and to start feeling like this... I miss Westhoff. There wasnt competition for the love or attention of a family like with Lehikainen. We were both equal. This kid just gets mad because all I do is boss him around.. or something. so yeah! Real fun. I've had a great week along with you guys! haha like father like son right dad?
The good news is, I went to the hospital, it was mocking my desire to work... but I went, and he threw out all of the crappy farmacy medicine that made it worse, and gave me the good expensive astro zeneca stuff. I feel tons better. But I realized I need to take care of my diet out here. He said I have too high of blood pressure and its because I've been stressing. I need out of this city! Oh well. I'm glad for the unbelievable stretching opportunities I've had. just time to move on...

We baptized Toño. He is the novio de [nephew of] Karla me and Westhoff started the teaching like 3 months ago. He has had some real difficulties with drugs and alcohol until he met Karla, and he changed. Now he just wanted that forgiveness, and this week he wanted it so bad he went against the hand that fed him, his mom, and did it. She was pissed. I talked to her on the phone. Not fun! But we got baptized, without the support of the ward bishopric. They were upstairs eating with the stake president. Arturo, Ana Maria, and Karla are converts of a year, speaking of which, this Saturday I might be the accompany of Arturo during the session at the temple :):) cross your fingers and pray that the president let's us!!!! I'm so stoked! I love you all. 
Note the arms of Arturo and Ana Maria in front of me :) pure laughs during that foto! Really special family. Love you all. Nos vemos [see you later]

El Elder Mortensen

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