Sunday, May 26, 2013

May 20, 2013 (Week 40)

May 20, 2013

Well.... I'm stuck in the basin, o cuenca [or watershed]. I took my Bus ride down 2.5 hours from the port, and passed jungle and fields of sugar cane. Its pretty cold here. But that's not true. I literally can't drink enough water. I sweat drops when I wake up, when I leave it's like I showered, and when I shower, I shower, and usually stay wet. Man. It's super humid down here. I thought Virginia was bad. Oooh buddy. If only you knew. BUT, I'm so stoked to be down here. It's so sick.
I'll send some photos, but there is a huge river Popomuloapan. It's sweet. We have to drive an hour in a small car with 6 other people to get to the other elders in our district, and then have to take a ferry to the other side. It's sweet. There is a factory of sugar cane, or caña here. They burn day and night, so the entire town is covered in ash. But this sugar cane is everywhere. Banana trees, and cane, and drunks. haha there's a lot of drunks here. Our house is pretty ghetto, it doesn't have windows haha just screens to keep the blood sucking creatures out.
My comp is Elder Mendez. He's hilarious. It's great to be down here with a good buddy. I'm not sure what's gonna happen soon, because I'm only here because his kid [MTC Companion] didn't get his visa, so when he does I'm out. Who knows! But it's sweet while it's lasting. We had two baptisms fail, because they weren't home, or couldn't escape house arrest haha. We are going to help her a 50 year old woman break out from her house to get baptized. Sounds fun, right?
On transfer, we took a 2 hour bus to downtown Tuxtapec. On the way back, I bought my Sprite, and my cookies and settled down for a nap. A drunk walks on, and sits down real close next to me. FREAK. I look at him and shut my eyes. He pokes me and said tell me your experience. Umm... what experience... of GOD. That experience. umm... Hermano, you should get some sleep. Give me the word! This is the point when he is spitting on my face, and the whole bus is watching some gringo in a tie argue with this drunk.
I pulled out the "I don't speak Español card". He says, "well, cool, I speak french. EFJie EIRJ iheric ERIAPIjh erijhfiopñetk Ppiojgn ioj ioerup ja."  That gibberish for 20 minutes. I finally said I'm gonna put my backpack over there. I left, and sat with another solo elder. He went and bugged a girl, who got up immediately and left. He then started to cry and sing up and down the aisle of the bus. Translated, he said something like, I don't have mother.... I don't have a father.... nobody to carrrreeeeeeee for me.... I hope that one day,,, you'll return to meeeeeee.... He would sit down, think for a minute, and go spit another improv verse. He then returned, and put on some huge medical sunglasses, and started spraying the entire bus with cologne, which didn't smell half bad. I contemplated giving him 10 pesos for it,  hahaha. It smelled better than he did. He then took powder cologne, and started throwing it on his shirt, face, glasses, and the bus. We are all dying of laughter silently. He then sat down, and passed out hard core.
And that kids, is why you don't drink.
But my area is super chill. The ward has young people. Miracle, right?? It's got a lot of dirt roads, and its super duper chill. I love it. Just another day in Mexico. 
The family that we ate with Sunday had a girl that's 18. She told me she recognized me from a dream she had the night before she met me in church. It was Mendez and Willie, who left, and their bags, leaving the city, and I came and told her what tribe she was from, like how it says in your blessing. Super wierd. She said she recognized my eyes. Mexicans have dreams a lot more that I do apparently. sheesh. Let's see if I'm right hahaha
But, im pretty stoked. Its hot, but i love it. Gotta keep working. Take it easy.
El Elder Mortensen

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